Visual Designer specializing in the creation of visual identities, I apply creativity and technical skills to develop the entire visual part that represents the brand personality, ensuring a consistent and distinctive visual representation.

Visual Designer with a degree earned in 2022 from Raffles Milano International Design Institute, specializing in brand identity creation. My passion lies in crafting brands, and I oversee the entire process from concept ideation to the design of the entire visual identity, ensuring a minimal, consistent, and distinctive representation.

To maximize the impact, I engage in extensive market research to gain a precise understanding of consumer preferences and industry trends. I use this information as the foundation for creating authentic, relevant visual messages that establish a deep connection with the target audience.

My primary goal is to ensure that the brand’s visual identity is effectively communicated, aligning with the brand’s characteristics and creating visual and emotional experiences.

Between a brainstorming session and a thrilling TV episode, I have very little time and even less desire to cook for myself. So, if Just Eat, Uber Eats, Glovo, or Deliveroo are looking for a testimonial, they can contact me at the following email address: