d&ad spotify

Participation in the international D&AD 2021 competition for the Spotify brief, with the goal of enhancing the platform's social interactivity.


The mission was to make Spotify more interactive and personal. Recognizing a lack of interaction among users, features like “Spotify influencers” were created, allowing users to explore music in a personalized way. User and artist profiles were also enhanced, making them more detailed and engaging. Additionally, a unique chat feature was introduced, enabling friends to exchange Singles, Albums, Podcasts, and Playlists, fostering connections through music and visually paying homage to the history of music media. Users could share music content and add brief personal notes, moving away from traditional text-based conversations.

In an effort to enhance the user experience on Spotify, significant improvements have been made through the proposal submitted to the esteemed international D&AD competition. These include the introduction of innovative features such as "Spotify influencers," enhancements to user and artist profiles, and the incorporation of a distinctive chat feature designed to foster musical connections, resulting in a more personalized and interactive experience.

Client: D&AD